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My job is painting pictures using lighting, composition and camera movement, to tell a story. 

Aerial Showreel 

"Mate, where do I start, your ability to light the scene perfectly?... Your persistence for perfection on camera..? or your friendly, down to earth attitude.? I'll start with all three, cause put them all together and you have one hell of a D.O.P... Thank you!"

Brendan Luke Byrne - Director - I'm Here Too

Luke Walker, could easily be one of Australia’s best Videographers.

A great product only comes from great collaboration, innovation and dedication.

Film & Music Video

Corporate Showreel 

"How refreshing it was to engage the services of an individual that presented the whole package.

Not only were we impressed by Luke Walkers abilities on camera, but his preparedness to go beyond the call of duty 


his easy going nature and the comradeship established on set, made Luke a valued member of our crew. 

Nothing was ever an issue or too hard for Luke. 

We look forward to working with Luke again and wouldn't hesitate in recommending him to any Producer seeking a skilled individual committed to the process and the people around him"


Franc Violi - Executive Producer - Blind Side

"Our Director said that the videos look terrific.

Thank you very much for your time and effort. We are extremely happy with the final product and we enjoyed working with you."

Events Manager - Mosman Council

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