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Luke Walker DoP

Who am I?

Changing careers in my early 30's, has taken me on one the most challenging, yet rewarding journeys of my life.
Finally, I feel like I'm doing, what was meant to be. 
I have worked as DOP / Aerial DoP for some of the countries biggest brands including Sony, Makers Mark, Hi-5, St George Bank, Merivale, and Aussie Home Loans Lutwyche to name a few. I have also shot films with some of the countries biggest talents including John Howard (All Saints, Packed to the Rafters), Xenia Goodwin (Dance Acadamy), John Jarratt (Wolf Creek) Paul O'Brien (Home and Away), Ky Baldwin (Peter Allen: The boy next door, X-factor) and of course the bright and bubbly children's entertainers Hi-5.
As a DoP who works largely in the Indy film market, I bought a massive lighting and grip kit to aid the quality of my work, especially as I often work as both DoP and Gaffer. This means that I often work as both roles including on my first feature film Christmas Down Under, though this skillset  means I have also been able to work on quite a few other projects purely as Gaffer.



I was always a writer, and in my 20's wrote a book as well as many other short form works. I had dreamed of writing full time as my creative outlet, however by the time I turned 30 I didn't care for novels anymore, as my passion for films had taken over.

At that point I started my first script, and over the next few years I developed my work as a writer, but also fell in love with the emotion that can come from great cinematography. This was also when I started studies at various film institutions including AFTRS, QPIX and QFTS.

Starting with a cheap DSLR and cheap LED lights, I spent thousands of hours just testing different concepts with friends to master my craft. Essentially trying to understand the how and the why behind lighting, composition and movement, while also trying to create my own style.

This I believe is where my strengths lay. I learnt how to make great looking images from cheap equipment, meaning I don't have to rely on expensive equipment to get the job done right. Now now that I've got a massive camera, lighting and grip kit it just means I can work more efficiently and with more finesse.


Starting out in the indy film market, to get the finished quality I wanted, often meant needing to take on more than one key role.  This invaluable experience of also working as a Director, Producer and Editor has been essential to my growth as a DoP.

This means while planning shot lists I have the bigger picture in mind. My focus isn't just about shooting beautiful images, but ones that tell the right story, and make life easier for the post production team, while also being conscious of time constraints.


To this day I still edit a lot of my own work, and write my own scripts because I love the creative process, and bringing my own stories to life. 


Since Making films I have had to work longer and harder than I ever have before. This journey is as difficult, as it is rewarding, and I wouldn't have it any other way!


My Journey

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